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Bell Computers   

Devoted to the local Customer  -  Providing Quality Computers - Service - Support - Parts - Supplies

You deserve a computer customized for your needs with local support and service!  

Imagine   you ask for a system to replace you older model
We provide you with a machine to meet your wishes and copy your data
Setup you Email provide you with what is necessary for your printer, Internet connection and so on.
We personally show you "the Ropes" How to get around in the new Windows enviroment

Our experience enables us to provide you with what want with the actual support you expect

Ok so we ask you several questions while we determine what you need to fulfill your wishes
This is how we know what make more sense for you
Of course if you know what system board processor and other specific components you want we can build that for you as well

 Custom Desktops -  Home   Entertainment -   Workstations  - Gaming Power house  -  HD Screens  -  various Desktop Configurations - 

 We build Desktop computers using Quality components, most with 3-year warranty* -  Let us Customize one for you!!


  ASUS ZENBOOK      Your slim, featherweight powerhouse

  Notebooks and Ultrabooks     Various Models Such as:   Mobility - Multimedia  - Business - Gaming   - Touch Screen

Tablets by Asus      Light Weight   Long Battery Life   Slim   Superior Mobility These are Window 8.1 Touch

Tablets by Microsoft      "Microsoft   Surface Pro 3 and Surface 2 "  Windows 8.1 Light Weight   Long Battery Life   Slim   Superior Mobility 

Let us provide your  Laptop or Tablet  - You will get our support and the best quality available.

 We custom configure your system for you,   Show you the ropes of using Windows. 

Buy a  new Windows 8.1 PC     (Tower   -   New Generation Desktop "NUC"   -  Laptop  -  Tablets )

Windows 8.1 tutorial





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* Warranties are limited warranties.   Typically internal devices only.  Ask for specific details.  All warranties exclusively covered by original manufactures Return Material Authorization.  Taxes, shipping, handling and other fees apply.
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