Bell Computers

16585 State Hwy 13

Branson West

office (417) 272-0200


About Bell Computers

Bell Computers established 1998

Due to overwhelming requests from friends and acquaintances for help with personal and business computers, we opened our store to help the local community.  We started back in 1983 doing computer support within a corporate environment.  Those early days using DOS systems for Data Processing was experience that moved forward over the years requiring us to learn various new levels of application, hardware and network support. With our relocation in the Southern Stone County area, we quickly discovered the need for technical and trustworthy support for both Business and Personal customers.

Our Plan

With our understanding of computer hardware and application foundations, we opened a Computer retail store providing quality hardware and support.  We established our Microsoft System Builder credentials in 1998 and starting building Windows systems based on our selection of reliable hardware components.  Our goal - to provide our customer with the best solution for their needs without having to compromise on their data and application.  We provide a quality system with support for the long-term customer.  As computers and their owner's needs are constantly changing, we also provide troubleshooting and repair for computers purchased elsewhere.  This has proven to be an excellent plan that has provided us with years of loyal customers and their referrals.  We truly love what we do and look forward to serving you as well.


  • We will continue to provide Bell Computer systems for local customers and support them.   As always Bell Computers have priority service over any other.
  • We will continue to provide PC repair for other computer owners and strive to maintain the Fast Reliable Service that our reputation has earned.

You can count on Bell Computers!